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Happy flight simulation enthusiasts holding the Virtual Pilots ATC Logbook and sharing their positive experiences.

Virtual Pilots
ATC Logbook

Pre-Departure Clearances


About The Logbook

As many flight simmers may know, air traffic controllers on the virtual air networks often are real-life controllers, and they appreciate simmers who can provide the correct ATC dialogue. Virtual Pilots ATC Logbook ("VP ATC") is a simple-to-understand, fill in the blank template that helps both seasoned and new simmers organize their flights and communications with ATC, and establish their pre-departure clearances (up to and including take-off for a total of 50 flights!).


VP ATC allows pilots the ability to record the information from the controllers, and to accurately read that information back. In fact, with our template, many controllers have actually shared their gratitude with our simmers for using the correct ATC dialogue. In short, VP ATC allows you the opportunity to speak like a real pilot while also professionally recording your flight hours in the process!


If you're going to fly, at least fly like a pro!





As far as I can remember, I have been an avid flight simmer and plane enthusiast. I grew up around planes, as my mother managed an airplane parts company, and my love for flight has never faded. VP ATC came about after countless hours of flying in the virtual skies and writing down hundreds of pre-flight directions from ATC. Simmers need some sort of a simple flight template in the form of a pilots logbook. Thus - the "VP ATC Logbook" was born!

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The Logbook In Action
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Group of flight simulation enthusiasts discussing and using the Virtual Pilots ATC Logbook.
Flight sim enthusiast using a home flight simulator with the Virtual Pilots ATC Logbook open on the desk.
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Within The Flight Community

Love using the book to mimic real-world pre-departure clearances. A must have for any level of flight simmer! The book gives me a nostalgic feeling as I always carry my flight books when I am flying.

Captain Erin Rodriguez,

Real World Airline Pilot

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